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There's No Such Thing As Candlestick Holders

There's No Such Thing As Candlestick Holders

Among the many lessons I learned from my mom over the years, one is that the word Gloucester is pronounced glos-stir and another is that there's no such thing as candlestick holders. And she was right on both!

The truth is Gloucester has nothing to do with this story but it still makes me laugh when I remember trying to pronounce the town she was living in at the time.

What I'm really here to do is drop some knowledge about candlesticks AKA devices used to hold candles.

green glass, brass and mid century candlesticks

See, there are candles and there are candlesticks. End of story.

Except if you want to get fancy and add candelabras (candlesticks with multiple arms or cups for candles) or chambersticks (short candlesticks with an attached pan to catch wax). But there's absolutely no place in the English language for candlestick holders. It just doesn't make sense, unless you're meaning your hand.

Now, if you're dead set on saying holder, you may use the term ‘candle holder’ but you're just stating the definition of a candlestick when you do.

You might want to disagree with me because of all the places on the internet that say candlestick holder, but trust me, it's all fake news🤣

Now that we're all on the same page, spread the news far and wide. Want more tips and fun facts? Join my newsletter!


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