We love books and we bet you do, too.  In an effort to build community in our new neighborhood and perhaps inspire a love of reading, we became stewards of a Little Free Library.  It's located right outside our doors and houses books of all genres.  

It's really very simple!


  • Take a book – If you see a book (or two) that you would like to read, take it!

  • Leave a book – Have a book that you’d like to share? Leave it in the library! 

  • Return a book – All done with a book? Pass it along to someone else, return it to the library for others to discover, or keep it! It's our gift to you to do with as you'd like.

  • Give books – Book donations are always appreciated and as an added bonus, enjoy 10% off your purchase the first time you bring us books.  Please no textbooks, books in disrepair, or religious tracts.


We hope that you will come by often to take/leave books.  The more people that participate, the more fun it will be!

You can learn more about Little Free Library here.