Where do you get all of your items?


My mom, Wendy, began taking me to 'junk stores' when I was just a tiny little thing.  The love of discovering hidden treasure is just in our blood.  We keep our eyes open for new items everywhere we go. From estate sales to online auctions, we travel throughout Northern Virginia to source the most interesting pieces we can find.  We never search for anything in particular, but rather let the items call to us.  If we can't bear the thought of leaving it behind, it's coming back to the shop with us!

Are your prices negotiable?


We strive to keep our buying costs very low so that we can pass along the best deal to you. We saw this sign hanging once and it pretty much sums it up.

"We Hunt It, Find It, Buy It, Haul It, Wash It, Scrub It, Paint It, Fix It, Wrap It, Load It, Pay Taxes and Rent on It--How Can We Take Any Less For It?"

Thanks for understanding!

Do you take consignments or buy from individuals?


At this time we do not take consignment and make a habit of NOT purchasing from individuals.  

We have no doubt that you have some great pieces that we would LOVE to have in our shop. Since we must leave room for a healthy mark up on our inventory, in most cases, we would not be able to offer you the best price for your item.  We suggest selling on Craigslist or FB Marketplace.

In rare cases, we do make exceptions and you are welcome to email us for more information.


How's the store going?


We are having THE BEST TIME!  Since opening on Sept 1, 2018, the response from the community has been really wonderful.  We are meeting new folks everyday and we even have a few regulars who pop in every week or so just to browse around and say hello!

We are hoping to bring a few events to the shop this upcoming season, so be sure that you subscribed to our emails.

How can I help to support the shop?


We LOVE LOVE LOVE that you ask this question!  Here are a few ways to help us get the word out.

1. Grab a friend and make a trip to the shop!

2. Tag us on social media with images of your items when you get home.

3. Like & Share our posts on social media channels.

4. Leave us a review on Yelp or Google



Willow & Wendy