Me and my mom, Wendy Wells-Finn

Hi there, I’m Willow Wright!

When I moved to Alexandria in 2002, I was young and broke as most young college graduates are.  Decorating my own home was a challenge and there wasn't a place to shop that suited my taste and budget. It was during this time that I really honed my craft of hunting through estate sales and auctions. 

As the years passed, I started a family, enjoyed a successful career in sales and continued my favorite activity of treasure hunting.  When my mom, Wendy Wells-Finn, temporarily relocated to Alexandria in spring of 2018, we decided to take a leap of faith and open the kind of shop that we would love to shop in. While she's no longer in the area, she's just a call away when I need her expertise.

When I’m not busy working, you can catch me hanging out at home with my husband and our two kids and our pup, Boogie.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.


  1. I’ve jumped out of an airplane 500 times!

  2. I attended Virginia Tech and graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine

  3. Our dog, Boogie, shares my pillow with me every night. 

  4. Home decor magazines are my kryptonite.  I'm likely keeping publishers in business!

  5. Friends have sometimes referred to me as the most interesting woman in the world- you never know what I’ll be up to next.

But enough about me, let me brag on my mom for a bit!


She has been creating works of art and teaching for over 25 years.  Primarily self-taught, she has won numerous awards and ribbons in juried shows for her collages and paintings, and her work is in collections across the US and Europe. She is the founding director of the Bay School Cultural Arts Center, a thriving arts and education center in Virginia. You can read more about her work over at LMNTLart.  She is also the holder of a US Patent for an awesome guitar strap called the VeeStrap.


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