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5 Ways To Refresh Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

living room, coffee table, entryway
Decorating Your Home Without Spending A Ton

Spring updates don't have to be put on hold just because we're social distancing! As someone who feels a great urge to refresh my home around this time every year, I've put together a list of things that can help you create a space you love without leaving the house or breaking the bank!

Rearrange the Space

Now's the perfect time to grab a family member and have them help you move that couch or end table. Maybe there's another way the room can work for you. It might be as simple at rotating a coffee table or removing a heavy winter rug.

Undo Your Art

Try taking down your art and starting over. Sometimes a blank slate will let your imagination run and you might find a new home for your favorite piece that allows you to see it more often. I love a gallery wall and if you need help with that be sure to read my blog on that, too!

Clear The Surfaces

Master the art of coffee table, mantle or bookshelf decor. Small changes can make a big impact! Clear the surface, give it a good cleaning then add back pieces sparingly until you get a look that suits your style.

Shop Your Home

What items do you have in closets, basements or attics that aren't getting the attention they should. How else could it be used? Look for ways to incorporate them into your space for a fresh view.

Look for gaps and fill in with a few new items if you feel something missing.

From furniture to art, we've got a ton of pieces to help you feel good about your refreshing! You can also source from your local thrift and charity shops. Remember resale instead of retail!


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