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Mid-Century Chunk Glass Lamp featuring a distinctive blend of materials. With its tin shade and base, this lamp showcases a classic mid-century look that's sure to add a touch of retro charm to your space. The leaded chunky art glass, adorned with glass chunks on each side, emits a delightful colorful glow when illuminated. This vintage gem boasts an in-line on/off switch for convenience, and you can easily change the light bulb by accessing the base.

Overall, it is in average condition, with all glass chunks securely set in the lead but may have been repaired in the past as the roof shows a bend and cracking in the paint.

While the lamp's designer is not definitively attributed to Nader, as it lacks a Nader sticker, it is often associated with the House of Peter Marsh due to its iconic Brutalist style.

Some also categorize it as Arts & Crafts or Nader Mid-century modern. Regardless of its origin, when this lamp is lit, it impresses with its unique and striking aesthetic.

4.75” base , 6” top, 16” tall

Peter Marsh Black Metal Chunky Glass Lamp

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