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April is Earth Month

It's April and that means it's Earth Month. After a long winter and even longer year, we're all looking forward to getting outside and seeing friends and family. I am excited to share with you how easy it can be to host a more eco-friendly get together this spring.

Willow Wright setting a summer table with vintage items.
Tips for Hosting Sustainably

Tips for an Eco Friendly Gathering

1.If you’re serving soda’s stick with aluminum instead of plastic or skip drinks in individual containers all together. Instead, fill large pitchers or beverage coolers with your drink of choice. If you're serving beer, try growlers or a keg in place of cans and bonus points for supporting a local brewery for this. 2. Charcuterie boards and tables filled with finger foods make perfect warm weather party fare. They're both low waste and fairly easy to prepare. Wooden trays and marble slabs are great for arranging these types of foods. 3. Ditch the paper products all together. Use machine-washable tablecloths & napkins, invest in some fun reusable flatware or use what you've got, and pick up some fun vintage durable plates, think stainless steel and Corelle! Lastly, pick up some fun summer glassware that won't break the bank (we can help with that, too!) 4. Dig out your mismatched candles and candlesticks to create ambiant lighting and use branches & fresh clippings from your yard to spruce up the table.

I promise none of your guests will notice the mismatched candles, they'll be too busy admiring your cloth-lined tables and honored that you'd go through that much trouble for them. So, next time you're having people over, ditch the paper products and see what you can reuse at home:)

If you need more reasons to consider using what you've got or shopping second hand, check out this blog for 10 reasons why!


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